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A-Gents Secret Santa 2k16: Wishlist

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 6:53 PM
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Dear my Secret Santa, for Christmas this year, I would be overjoyed to receive any of these wishes !!! (υ◉ω◉υ)~♥

I. 003 and 009 doing something badass and amazing. :iconzoominplz:
She's his only friend, I hear, so obviously these two must do something super great for Christmas.
Maybe they’re bears fighting over gingerbread cookies, or Christmas elves trying to infiltrate Santa’s workshop.
I'm fine with any concept really!  Don’t be afraid to throw in 004 or 014 in there for extra fun!!

II. 092 and 091 getting into the christmas spirit.
My engi is a pretty shy and devout kind of celebrator compared to the loudly spirited troll that is the assassin-
so the combination can certainly be stunning.  091 could be trying to spook him, or 092 using his ability back on him
for lighthearted revenge.  He’s a real pushover so he’ll get himself into any trouble with the assassin within reason. :iconareyouawizardplz:d;;;;

III. Neapolitan and her gloomy bears trolling or benchpressing someone with her +4 STR.
She can practically be surrounded by any sort of cute Christmas toys, and be dressed in red green and white fashion too.
In rp land, she’s had her fun with 024, 121, Abedah, Dahlia, and 004, but feel free to throw in your character too for the fun.
:iconlazeplz:;;; There’s also her Sweet posse which you’re welcome to throw into your art piece.

IV. 003 and 024 spending time outside in the city,
maybe shopping for Christmas decorations or trying out different electronic toys/race cars/train sets.
They could get lost in a barbie monster truck battle, or building a jenga tower, surrounded by christmas lights and snow.
Their friendship is very quiet and distant, so giving them a fun activity to do would be great.
Plz don’t ship them together in this.  They’re just staying as friends.

V. 207 and 142 enjoying each other’s presence.
Which could mean 142 carrying the boy over her shoulders, or lifting him up and ready to throw him.
207 is very calm and stoic at first glance, but as soon as 142 grabs him, he becomes really frazzled like a derpy babyyy.
They could be in reindeer/santa costumes, or fairy/elf costumes, any sort of festive theme would be so fun.
They can get into more peaceful activities like getting into a snowball fight or warming up near the fireplace,
so just f me up tbh.

P.S. :iconanoplz: Really, these are all just specific wishes,
but I would love anything that involves any of my characters.
You could even throw in your own character if the scene makes sense.
I loveee AUs, so if you draw any of them into a Christmas AU, Winter Royalty AU,
Santa’s Workshop AU, Fantasy AU, mega Gala AU, I’m all for it!
So please and thank you to my mysterious Secret Santa,
and just have fun with your inspiration. ♥

Chara References

003 / Poppy Hu - Color/Art Reference by MewShinobi 092 / Noah Badem - Color/Art Reference by MewShinobi Neapolitan / Neapolitan - Color/Art Reference by MewShinobi 207 / A-gent 207 - Amir Fujiyama by MewShinobi

009 / A-Gent 009 - [CLASSIFIED] by fredward-the-brain 091 /  Agents-091 by haseos
Gloomy Bear /…
024 / A-GENT [024] Ran Emire by shichijiji 142 / Agent 142 - Annabeth Vavau by hullo-whats-that

skin by WikiME
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